Social Media Medical Marketing

Grow your social media presence by delivering consistent, engaging content, video and personal posts that encourage your audience to take action.

people use social media worldwide

Personalized Social Media Medical & Healthcare Marketing

Reach more patients by harnessing the power of social media via targeted ads, online webinars and personal posts. Drive regular engagement within your community. Customize your social channels and connect with your audience using sponsored posts, contests and video and to get your practice optimal exposure.

Making Social Media Simple

The goal of social media marketing is to connect with current patients, target new prospects, build relationships, and foster trust within your community. To achieve this, you need a strategy in place to post engaging, educational content, consistently. Together we’ll create a social media marketing strategy that’s personalized to differentiate your practice from the competition. Target your ideal audience and attract followers within your geo-specific location to bring you relevant, qualified leads and inquiries.


How to Grow Your Social Media Presence

Posting educational content, asking questions, and engaging with your community will increase your reach on social media and improve the performance of your page. Your content should be 80% value (educational, entertaining, personal posts) and only 20% promotional. If you use social media to “sell” you will not see results. People use social media to be “social,” so it’s important that you are posting things that will help your audience get to know you and build your brand. There should be very little “selling” or “specials” directly on your page, but rather posts should be done to build awareness and get people to inquire more by calling or visiting your website.

The Best Social Media Channels for Doctors and Medspas


2.7 billion people use Facebook.

Attract more patients via targeted webinars, sponsored posts and advertisements. Customize your Facebook profile and establish brand awareness to increase patient engagement with regular and original posts.


1 billion people use Instagram.

Create your style and theme, post unique content to customize your brand, utilize Instagram stories, find your business specific hashtags, gather a following, book more patients and get referrals.


Let your brand go viral.

Expose your practice to 261 million people. Implement Twitter cards, build a following, engage with influencers, manage your contacts, create targeted ads, find your business specific hashtags, book more patients.

Setting Your Practice Up for Success With Social

The advantages of social media for your medical practice are endless. By utilizing all areas of social, you have the ability to:

  • Create engaging posts
  • Optimize your profiles
  • Engage followers
  • Target advertising
  • Sponsor content

Search and Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing that differentiates your practice.

Medical Marketing Whiz social media marketing includes management of your Facebook including posting frequent educational content and running targeted ads. You’ll also receive our “Social Media Selfie Signs” which help to keep it “social” and allow patients to get to know you. Our team of social media experts understand the Facebook algorithm and how to develop content that will attract your ideal patients.

Formulate Strategy

Discover your targeted audience and create engaging content and posts your patients both existing and new want to see

Stand Out

Don’t just be another “business”. Define your brand and make your practice known.

Target Patients

Running a promotion? Find clients by targeting social media ads for specific demographics in specific locations.

Target Ads for Your Practice

Create targeted Facebook & Instagram advertisements. If you have an upcoming event for your aesthetic device promotion, you can run a targeted ad for women aged 35+ who live within 25 miles of your office, like spa services, wellness and have a household income over $100,000 per year. Facebook & Instagram ads are highly targeted and are more effective than traditional advertising such as direct mail, magazines or newspapers.


Facebook Management

Our marketing program includes management of your Facebook including posting frequent educational content. We also provide a social media sign kit that helps you to personalize your page and keep it “social.” Our Facebook management puts an expert in charge of your social media that understands the Facebook algorithm and the right type of content to post that will get engagement.

Getting Started

Social media marketing for your medical or aesthetic practice is key to the growth of your business. Optimize your social pages, post regular, engaging content, create ads, and watch as new patients start to call. Don’t spend your valuable time finding your social media strategy- we’ll do it for you.


Learn More About Social Media Marketing

Posting daily to social media will help to increase interaction and allow patients to get to know you and your services.

This may sound like a handful, but at Medical Marketing Whiz, we make social media simple by attracting authentic followers within your geography and bringing you more leads.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what others are saying…


“Medical Marketing Whiz is a huge help while offering top class service! Very honest and willing to go out of her way to help increase over all revenue for the practice !! They are always available to answer questions.”

Mark Weckesser
Vice President Business Development


“Thorough and dedicated, consummate professionals all the way!”

Dr. Prima Ramaiah


“Medical Marketing Whiz brings NEW and FRESH ideas to the table. They are consummate professionals yet easy going. Can be easily reached and respond quickly to questions and concerns. I give them the highest recommendations.”

Dr. George Miguel
Plastic Surgeon / ENT


“Medical Marketing Whiz is simply the best. Not only do they make marketing my practice much easier, but they also have taught me how to grow my brand. While they have been working with me, my organic Instagram followers have increased by 50%. They make it easy for us to stay on top of marketing. I would highly recommend them!”

Dr. Danielle DeLuca-Pytell
Plastic Surgeon


“Wonderful working with this company. Energetic and very professional. They have been the breath of fresh air that my company needed!!! I recommend this company HIGHLY!!!”

Dr. Barbara Hannah

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