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Urogynecology Marketing Solutions

Urogynecologists treat a variety of complex pelvic health issues and need a marketing agency that understands this specialty. Our team is well-versed in urogynecology diagnostics, medical therapies, surgery, and in-office procedures. Our marketing programs for Urogynecology practices are designed to position our clients as the expert in women's pelvic health in their region.

We understand minimally invasive surgery, stress & urge incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, diagnostics, slings, laser treatments and other urogynecology treatment options.

Urogynecology marketing solutions

Marketing Resources for Urogynecologists

The business of Medicine

The Business of Medicine

Neeraj Kohli, MD an internationally renowned urogynecologist reviews economic changes to the healthcare system, teaches you how to perform a SWOT analysis of your practice, and helps you implement changes in the office to improve customer service and increase revenues.

E-book for urogynecologists

Marketing E-book for Urogynecologists

In this guide, we will reveal the exact steps to marketing urinary incontinence & sexual health treatments that will help you fast track your practice profitability and transform patients’ lives at the same time!

Dr. Marketing Blueprint For Urogynecology

The Dr. Marketing Blueprint for Urogynecology

In this free training, Medical Marketing Whiz will show you how to market women's health services such as marketing women's health, urinary incontinence treatments, bio-identical hormones, in-office procedures, and more.

maximize Practice

Maximize Practice Revenue

High reimbursement urogynecology procedures – such as slings, sacral nerve stimulators, and cash-services such as MonaLisa Touch – require a greater emphasis on new patient outreach and education. Our team knows how to properly market these services within your practice and to your region so that you attract more patients and increase referrals.

We are well-connected in the UroGynecology field

The Medical Marketing Whiz leadership team has developed strategic partnerships with some of the most recognized names in the field of Urogynecology.

Our clients get access to thought leaders in urogynecology including Dr. Red Alinsod, Dr. Neeraj Kohli, Dr. Mickey Karram and many others. You'll also receive exclusive discounts on memberships with the International Society for Cosmetogynecology, International Academy of Pelvic Surgery and the Foundation for Female Health Awareness.

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pelvic Surgery
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Your Personal Medical Marketing Whiz will implement our proven marketing program:

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Email Marketing + Automation

  • Reputation Management

  • In-Office Seminars & Events

  • Patient Education Webinars

  • Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing for Urogynecologists

Medical Marketing Whiz is the expert in social media marketing for urogynecology procedures. We implement a social media strategy on Facebook and Instagram to help you grow your patient volume. You'll be viewed as a trusted resource in your region with the most advanced training and technology around.

Email Marketing for Urogynecology

Women needs to understand their treatment options when it comes to urinary and pelvic health. We believe in using email marketing for patient education, so that your leads are nurtured and your patients know that you care about their health. Our team creates monthly patient education email newsletters, lead generating email campaigns and automates sales funnels so follow up is easy!

Local SEO for Urogynecology

In order to attract more women for your urogynecology services, they have to be able to find you on Google. Our Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for Urogynecologists are designed to get your office to show up on page one of Google and make sure that your online reputation is the best in the region.

Top Docs Podcast

Patient education podcasts are the ideal way to help you stand out as the regional expert in urogynecology. Be a guest on our Top Docs Podcast on Apple, Spotify and I Heart Radio and speak on topics such as Urinary Incontinence or Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what Dr. Red Alinsod is saying about working with us …







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